Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AstroClip brings together your iPhone and telescope

My wife has an application on your Android phone that her star constellations can identify, but this AstroClip iPhone accessories is taking star gazing on the phone to a whole new level.

The AstroClip is a camera enhancement that allows the user to attach your iPhone to their telescope with 3 adjustable screws. This gives the user the possibility of an image of the new Comet discovered he or she.

I assume that you have to decide who is the best person to send, if you find the image that asteroid, the the world such as in Armageddon or deep impactwill destroy. I wonder whether Hollywood will once again does this piece of land, and whether the device will make a cameo occurs.

I am sure that this device a must for the teleskopierbare is set, and I always wondered who consider me telescopes will find interesting. I must clearly intelligent, or to understand the amount of astronomy be disciplined.

Once again this is one of these kick start projects, which means that it requires be given some money to the developers, before you can get one for yourself. In this case the developers are on the lookout for $15,000, and you can use one for a donation of about $25.

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