Monday, August 22, 2011

Celluon laser virtual keyboard has also sound

I never thought that I could get used to this virtual projection laser powered keyboard. While I think it would be useful pairs that would create a keyboard on any flat surface, a device with something I need the tactile feedback of the Clickity-click on the keyboard.

I know that I should develop only from the fact, because touch screen keyboards are quiet, and I think that we are away from the traditional button keyboards. Fortunately I can wait a little while to overcome, my fascination with keyboard sounds as the virtual cube laser keyboard with gesture recognition software comes, so that the user can hear the click of control gestures as also keystrokes.

In this capacity that has virtual cube laser keyboard a very liquid interface for its laser projection, so that the image of the key is much better than before. It makes a few with devices via Bluetooth, which means that it is compatible with the most smart phones, tablets and even laptops.

I suppose that I would not, however, with one of this for me, but I tried just tap my finger at my desk for a few seconds, and it was not the same as on a keyboard type. However, this is for you, then go to ThinkGeek and deposit about $170 for it.

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