Thursday, August 11, 2011

Magnetic light-switch protection is a way not to lose your keys

Magnetic light-switch protection is the proof that the simplest ideas are the best. I am sure that we all lost our above key, so why not they at a magnetic light switch cover moment we keep our dark apartment after unlocking the door type?

That is the brainchild of Jake Frey, third year student of industrial design at the Philadelphia University. This switch has a high power magnets on the back of the ground plane.

I wonder whether this is electromagnetic, stranded wire in the same line, connected to the switch. I'm guessing no, but I could be wrong. Leave a comment if you know whether this light switch cover is a stand alone magnet.

I guess that a hook or a small shelf under the light switch could use you, to ensure your buttons next to the light switch set. And you need take care does not leave a scratch resistance mark, not to mention entering your home by people with pacemakers.

The magnetic switch costs about $24.95 at the TheFancyprotection, and it looks like it comes in the traditional colours red and silver u-shaped magnets. You want another way not to lose your keys, you might want to try the easy2pick, it is on the X-Treme geek Web site for the exact same price.

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