Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Edit and Create Video with VideoPad Video Editor

Edit and made a Video With VideoPad Video Editor. A when Tips and computer tricks will try to upload a video recording to Youtube site. Typically Computer Tips and tricks on using the default program Windows that Windows Movie Maker. However in recent times, the program crashes and often hang.

With these events Tips and computer tricks tried to make browsing and "googling" on the internet to find freeware programs or functions are more or less the same with Windows Movie Maker.

From googling Tips and computer tricks managed to obtain and download some freeware. From some freeware Tips and tricks, Computer VideoPad Video Editor is the most familiar, lightweight, and simple. Proved to be only a few times using Tips and computer tricks already understand existing features.

The output can be directly burned onto the CD can also be stored in a computer pilihna various video formats, such as *. avi, *. mpg, *. swf, *.MP4, *. *. flv, mov, etc. If you want we can also directly upload a video to Youtube, facebook, and Flickr.

Here are some of the features VideoPad Video Editor similar to the Windows Movie Maker :

  • Cut and create a duplicate clip

  • Adding text on clip

  • Add transition effects between clip-clip

  • The existence of those effects that can be added or inserted in a clip or piece of clip

  • Add an audio clip on

  • Add a blank image in the clip

  • Can capture video directly from a webcam or other device

  • We can add narratives that can be inserted in the clip

If you want to try, we can download it HERE.

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