Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knowing The Approximate Value Of A Blog Or Site

KNOW THE APPROXIMATE VALUE OF A BLOG OR SITE. Yesterday, Tips and tricks the computer do browsing and accidentally found an online service that is able to present an estimate of the value of a site, the information, and data of visitors of a site and other useful site information.

Is BIZ INFORMATION that provides the services in question. To find out the information as well as the estimated value of a site, we only need to enter the site URL address in the box provided. Then we just need to press button "score" and then wait a few seconds to get full information from the site.

The information displayed include:

  1. The Value Of The Site

  2. The Point Of The Daily Page

  3. Daily Visitors

  4. World Ranking

  5. Ranked Indonesia

  6. Types Of Web

  7. Page Rank

  8. Number Of Pages

  9. External Links

  10. Metric Values

  11. Introduction To The Site

  12. Since Online Site

  13. Etc.

To try it, please follow these steps.

First , page load

Second, the enter the URL address of your website/blog in the box provided

Third, click on the "VALUE"

Fourth, wait a while to get the result.

The following example is the result of the information on this blog (Tips and computer tricks). And from that service's assessment of this BLOG has a value of the estimated 75 million. It's an amazing figure. Unfortunately only be numbers only. If you want, we can display the results of the estimation of the value on the side of our blog in a way to copy and paste the html code that has been provided.

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