Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jell-O's "pudding face" Billboard appears in Manhattan

What started as a website on Jell-o, has apparently become a phenomenon. Well, maybe "Phenomenon" is too strong a Word.

The concept behind this face is that it frown or smile, depending on what is the general mood on Twitter. I can imagine it is to do a "simple" effect on a digital Web site, but were taken to a whole new level with this billboard in Manhattan.

This is without a doubt of one of the craziest ad campaigns I've seen. It is also one of the scariest. When I was a little kid, I'm pretty sure that this would scare me, and I'm not sure why. Especially when I saw it turn from a smile to a frown directly to me.

Perhaps it's "Brother is big you just" similarity. I think the face reminds me of Bill Hader of Saturday night lives or Dwight from "The Office".

I've heard that people speak down as the economy is going, and the other day, I heard someone use the D-word. If we are in this depression, I would imagine then that Jello pudding face wear a frown. I would imagine then that the Billboard would have to be removed, or Downer will face a bad connection with Jell-o pudding, worse than Bill Cosby promote.

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