Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brando USB of optical mouse serves as a digital scale

We have seen, many interesting products occur from Brando, and they are often very useful in certain situations. For example, the bike crash cam, good for complaints, was a wheeled bicycle accidents.

This optical USB mouse seems good as well for only in certain situations. As you can see, it is a working scale on this mouse. It has a cover so that you do not constantly weigh your fingers.

The problem that I see is that I think not that I really need a device as follows. While it is to have virtually to a scale on the desktop, I don't really need one that can go up to 500 grams. I wonder whether there is an app for something like this.

I suppose that if you are the small insertions in action, this would come in handy. Anyway, I do much of the business on eBay, and I have a postal scale for this. Also, I don't think that I could put an envelope to this.

However, if you are in a shop in the weighing of small things is important (and I'm talking not about drugs), this could be useful USB optical mouse with digital pocket scale. You can get it from Brando should be here at a cost of $22.

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