Friday, August 19, 2011

Remove Delete Confirmation In Windows XP

How To Remove Delete Confirmation In Windows XP. Is the default, every time we will delete any files/folders, Windows XP will always displays a confirmation box (dialog box) which is essentially asking whether we're sure you want to delete the file/folder. If we YES button then the files/folders will be removed and the opposite if we NO then pressing file/folder will not be deleted. Follow tipsnya along Tips and computer tricks here.

A confirmation box or dialog box-its like the image below.

If the dialog box does not prove we need, it may be considered to be a waste of time then we can remove the dialog box. Thus every time we delete on clicking on a file/folder then file/folder directly removed without any confirmation or warning as before.

How to remove confirmation dialog box or a box is as follows.

First, right-click Recycle Bin on the desktop and then select the Properties dialog box appears so that it will "Recycle Bin Properties", like the image below.

Both, and then eliminate centangan (uncheck) the "Display delete confirmation dialog".

Thirdclick Apply , and click OKresume.

Fourth, try to download adelete -a files/folders and make sure the dialog boxhim was no longer appear.

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