Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pack-away water heater

If you mention the word "Cauldron", what comes into your mind? Now, most of us would think high-end, stainless steel types, the gas stove or power to obtain them so, that cap boiling water you tea exactly, as you like it, while sip Earl Grey with scones and maintain Strawberry on the page. What happens if you need travel and hot water? A thermos flask can do the job by he heat in your water, but this only works for a certain amount of hours.

This is where the £ 29.99 Pack-away water heater comes in handy - it is the perfect tool if you rough regularly more out, and you must not your favorite Cup of tea in a metal box boiler brewing. No. Sir, Pack-away water heater will work do and do the Flatpacking - IKEA flat as your standard army mess Tin, include it excellent, as it can cook almost 1.1 litres of water each time, and if it is no longer in use, only compressed - it ends up at the Swedish Champion.

You can use it on the gas, electric or induction cooker, it doesn't transmit no part as the robust stainless steel base can heat in the water within.

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