Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Display Certain Friends On The Friends Box

How To Display Certain Friends On The Friends Box. When we or someone else opens the Facebook profile page belonging to us then we will see a list of friends who are on Friends Box. The appearance of the list of those friends will be performed alternately and random on every time we open the profile page. Recognized or not, from the friends list, surely there are some friends who are merely the result ofadd updating course or not know them.

If you want, we can make arrangements so that only certain friends that appear on Friends Box . To do this we must do the following settings.

First, login to the facebook account each.

Second, click the profilemenu.
Third, on Friends Box, click on the picture of the pencil (edit).

The four, in the combo box Show xx Friends, we can choose 6.9, or 12 to display the number of friends who will appear in the Friends Box.

Fifth, on "always show this friends" field, type the names of our friends who will always be shown on a Friends Box.

Sixth, Refresh now try your facebook profile page and look at our friends box, have no change?

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