Monday, August 15, 2011

Bluelounge mini dock fees iDevice without cord, but still needs an outlet

We plan reported on Bluelounge, such as the charging station update. The International Design Studio has several awards, and I wouldn't be surprised, when she won a prize for the mini dock.

The creator of the mini dock realised that people want in their iDevice, it free of charge plug a USB cable, and they want to not to use adapter, to put it into the wall. What they want is something without a wire, and the mini dock is a place to put your iDevice into a power outlet, where it can be identified.

It is all to connect a simple small shelf with the iDevice and hold it, so it is out of the way until it is needed. As far as I know, I don't think that it can IOS process the size one. In all honesty, I would even questions. Maybe they make an iPad model that can work somehow, but until then, you have to admire this simplicity.

She should be able, which is about to get for mini dock $19.95, but does not include the wall to USB adapter. I'm not sure how much is a USB adapter, but it could be a small price to the pay for the convenience of mini dock.

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