Saturday, August 20, 2011

All-weather soft case bike mount from Bracketron

This device from Bracketron is motorcycle riding for those into cycling, either or contact. All-weather-soft case bike mount is a way to a mobile device the bicycle handlebar mount, and it works pretty well.

I had a chance to try it out for me, and it lives up to its promise mounting without tools. The screw mount can install by hand twisted, and the easy case snaps in place.

The case is made to lock the zipper closely with, and I was with my iPhone touch screen from there interact. This would have protected my iPhone from rain with "weatherproof housing". Unfortunately, this case was too small for my Motorola droid X, but it is perfect for iPods and iPhones. It even comes with some padding of the gap between the device and the weather-resistant plastic screen.

All-weather-soft case bike mount is all in all an excellent product for bikers who want to keep their GPS on their bar comfortable. I will tell you, my tests that it distracted increases the possibility of cycling.

You can get it on the Bracketron Website for about $39.95.

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