Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips For Laptop Battery More Durable

How To Treat The Laptop Battery With Correct (read also Tips caring for and Treating Laptop Batteries). Having achieved his desire to have a laptop usually we will be forgotten or didn't even know to treat a laptop properly. Do use only and use only. We usually will be gelagapan after laptop we experience "coughing". If so, we usually just struck me with what we have our favorite treat on a laptop and then confused to find a "cure". Wouldn't it prevent is better than cure?

One of the laptops are usually experienced if wrong in treating it is laptop batteries. Case in point, among others, the battery consumption is reduced, leaked, nge-drop, not even in thecharge at all.

For those who want to buy a new laptop, before it happens, Tips and computer tricks suggested some of the following things to watch out for.

Do not directly use the laptop that we just bought. When it was new, laptop batteries are still empty shouldcharge in-advance between 4-8 hours until the charge indicators will show full charge (usually green-colored lights indicator will, to a certain brand-brand may be another color). To note is that when charging, laptop should be in a State of death.

Just use laptop batteries for mobile. If we're using a laptop at home or in Office for a long time, we recommend that you remove the laptop battery and use of electricity directly. If the battery is installed charger and in a State of charge (connected to the electricity directly) then this can lead to easy battery leaking quick. In addition, in this manner can cause the hot temperatures can shorten the battery consumption.

Disconnect the adapter when charging the battery is full. Using a laptop with the battery installed while underway replenishment (charge-in) can shorten battery life.

Don't let laptop mengganggur (not used) for a long time (months). This can cause the laptop battery to be losing its capacity. To avoid this, try to turn on the laptop at least once a month.

Remove the battery from the laptop when the laptop is not used in a long time. If you must remove the battery from a laptop, make sure that we keep it in a dry and cool place. Don't let the laptop battery was in place by extreme temperatures or exposed to sunlight directly. This can cause damage to the battery component.

If necessary, install additional fans on the laptop. Use the laptop for a long time can cause excessive heat. This hot and temperatures can be disturbing performance/battery capability.

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