Monday, August 15, 2011

Fast concept car is very flaky

This is the snowflakes project, a concept car, even no work expected the designer, but only for inspirational purposes.

The "-flakes" on the car are carbon fiber Microspoilers, and they are programmed to move during the drive to improve the speed and performance. The flakes go how you might have guessed, flat, when it is time for a burst of speed. Rotate causes that the flakes are on one side of the car, which "locks the car on the road".

There's a video of it after the jump, and I can assure you, that although it may look real, CG. You may provide via this unusual lack of tires, which calls the designer D wheels. This extensible legs allow an adjustable contact area.

Is it just me or are the cracks and flakes in this car it look like one of the transformers? If I ever come this Flake project on the street saw its would hide moved, I probably unfold in Bumblebee expected.

It reminded me some 1990s TV show Viper called a shape shifting car featured. Who remembers the show? I don't think I saw always an episode, but I seem, have a vague memory of a morphing car.

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