Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Load a telephone while you walk

We all know that we just by moving much kinetic energy, and all the energy we need for our mobile devices.

Therefore, researchers at the University of Wisconsin have work in Madison on a combine harvester, which stores the energy that we create, by strolling, running or walking.

Tom Krupenkin, UW-Madison Associate Professor of mechanical engineering, says that people generate a kilowatt performance in the Sprint. This is more than enough power laptops, flashlights, and mobile phones.

Reverse Electrowetting uses this technology, you see in the sole of the shoe here. It is the process with which the energy of the movement of the liquid is converted into electricity, and energy, by hiking approximately 20 Watt power.

The developers of this technology created a company called instep Nano power and its first product as the "go and" imagine. I assume that we are looking at a future, where we connect our devices to our shoe when we where we go and our laptops, mobile phones and other devices. According to my source this 10 times longer take a cell phone battery.

Of course, there is a problem with the cable connected to the shoe. Perhaps it could be a hot-swappable battery pack on the sole, but it could smell funny, when placed on the table.


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