Tuesday, August 30, 2011

32. March, a new Internet series, Prime shoots on PAX 2011

While I discovered on PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle, I described a game developers as chrome. The most booths at gaming conventions are places where the company makes it possible to play players, but was this stand a giant greenscreen cube.

The reason why is because participants on PAX was used, extras in their match, be March 32nd. The game is to follow a combination of a contemporary Noir story in 12, and it is completely interactive.

Apparently, each character is nothing more than silhouettes in various colors in March 32nd. Was their booth, set up that it could be to include participant silhouettes, and finally, they appear as extras in the game prior to the release of the next spring.

It looked really interesting, and I decided to try it yourself. You know that scene in TV/film, where a man casually leaves a suitcase so that someone else can pick it up? I played the guy from the case, deleted. Search in the game, as is my silhouette. I had to draw it for my image to be used.

I'm not sure how a game with nothing more than silhouettes to take effect, but I hear that the game from the perspective of an amnesia is told, sees his dystopian world so crazy. I can't wait to see, as is it out, and I'm in it for me.


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