Friday, August 12, 2011

Somnus shirt helps track your sleep

Some of us can go to sleep in no time a cent during other many other methods, but to no avail resort. Should now, for most of us who fall under the "average" category, perhaps you can see whether you most of your sleep time and what better way than using metrics for this can make? Somnus Shirt of Nyx is one of the cooler shirts definitely take some Shuteye, whenever you want, and we talk more about it after the jump.

NYX devices is a start up company, which just managed, develop a new kind of night shirt, sport cloth electronics, embedded in which will be to monitor the wearer's breathing patterns go. Pay attention not to your skin sensitive and glue, cable, or any special setup all who Somnus shirt will not come with each, all you do need to the shirt is wearing the night retirement, when you are in the process, and get the electronic chip within the shirt pocket, while you dream of this holiday in the Caribbean, are to work.

The Somnus shirt, if you will, is to process a set of data, so that it can determine light sleep, REM (dream)-Schlaf or deep sleep. This is clearly a very different picture in comparison to see what you to sleep clinics where people to sleep more than often not with a series of cables and sensors so that specialists monitor connected prices brain and muscle activity, eye movements, in addition to heart and breathing. Something tells me that shirt but no substitute for a detailed the Somnus operation in a clinic is sleep.

Matt Bianchi, a sleep neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, is the co-inventor of twins of Somnus, the clothing where h and his group to design so that it can be repeated measurement of sleep patterns over time directly in the comfort of your own home. You need to do this, in turn, but faithfully logging one of your habits, that may affect your sleep pattern only.

No idea on when Somnus shirt in production, but Nyx go devices is considered a late summer release with a price point, the less than $100. Why not go green and use organic cotton to, while they're at it?

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