Friday, August 19, 2011

Tips on speeding up Loading the Start Menu in Windows 7

Tips speed up Loading of the Start Menu in Windows 7. Maybe these tips are often delivered by a bloger blogger- etc but it doesn't hurt at this time Tips and computer to mengetengahkannya again, who knows there is still a visitor who need it.

When we click Start then the button will pop out menus are often referred to the Start Menu or the Start Menu. Speed the rendering of the menu has been a default is set by Windows. Well, with these tips we're going to try to change default settings with the goal of further speed up the appearance of the menus. The trick is to change the value/ MenuShowDelay value (the value of defaulthis 400) become smaller or low.

The trick is as follows.

First, open the Regedit window so that it will the Registry Editor.

Both, and then click HKey_Current_User\Control Panel\Desktop

Third, then moved to righthand panel then search and find MenuShowDelaykey.

Fourthclick MenuShowDelay , so that the Edit String window will appear, like the image below.

Fifth, replace the default value of 400 smaller value. We can replace with a value of 100, 50, or even 0.

The smaller the value we charge delaythen its the sooner that it means the appearance of menu-menunya be more quickly.

Sixth, Ok after click on the window Edit String then continue with closing the window the Registry Editor.

Seventh now make sure that the appearance of the menus on the Start Menu faster than ever before.

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