Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MIT student creates his own grappling hook gun

Grappling hook gun. From Batman, Rorschach from watchmen, everyone wants it, but nobody really does it. It is a kind of spy company that actually makes. Kind of like q has for James Bond.

A MIT engineering students has the world been essentially, what it wants, how he has created a fully functional grappling hook gun.

You can see a video of it after the jump, is and it is with some simple parts such as a chemical fire extinguisher, copper pipe, hose clamps, Blowgun canister 20 oz CO2 made, and it's on NERF N-strike Raider rapid fire CS-35.

As you might have guessed, this is an Instructables project, by a user named "Crreed". He took me to build one of these bad guys want to sure, but I will not be recordings of Osama bin Laden.

Under no circumstances. I would be in a big city on a high building, and then I would want a fire to escape or something safe. I was once the hook was sure wanted to keep my weight, I would like Batman swing.

Yeah, right would as I really do. Yet one must be questions, if it can legally own a grappling hook gun is. I mean, that you could do some serious damage if you hit someone in the breast, as in watchmen. I can not remember me, if it happens in the film, but I would remind you that from the comic book. Honestly, I think, it is comic books who want me to swing from buildings try grappling hook with a weapon.


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