Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sprint offers Samsung conquer 4 G

You are at 4 G/LTE devices rock? If you have not done you should so already then perhaps give Sprint a chance. Finally, they will provide next August 21st from the Samsung conquer 4 G. Exactly what bring the conquer 4 G at the table? How about Android 2.3 gingerbread as the operating system directly from the bar, where this means that you must wait for an update.

Apart from the conquer 4 G have a 1 GHz processor running in the background, to get things done, with a few cameras help you out with video calls as well as the main body of the camera. More about the specifications are available after the jump.

There is one other thing that 4 G makes the Samsung conquer - it is the first 4 g smartphone from Sprint costs less than a hundred dollars. Yup, you do not receive correct, it $200 cost more something like on a 4 G device has. That certainly took a long time in coming, where Sprint has already released 24 4 G compatible devices with date.

Not the largest is a 3, 5-touch screen display, but then again gets to do the job. The 1.3 megapixel front facing camera is ideal for video chats, while rear completely there a 3, 2-megapixel camera targeted with Flash and zoom. You must establish a connection, if it not 4 G connection at all? Don't worry, how it works just fine with a Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, together with GPS capability be.

Samsung has decided to ensure that you will run not by space, contain a MicroSD memory card slot, the caching space - sprints away enough up to 32 GB generously, and to throw in a 2 GB MicroSD memory card to get you started right out of the box can. Five Wi-Fi enabled 3 g / 4 g Mobile HotSpot is capable, it's up to support device - on the Sprint 3 G or 4 G networks.

If you're going to go wireless, you could also go completely - and Samsung is including stereo-Bluetooth technology wireless, so that you can enjoy hands-free conversation while you behind the wheel are weitergemacht. Not only that, Sprint ID was they contain, so that you can enjoy a variety of applications, widgets, links, ringtones and wallpapers designed, certain mobile must meet users and interests with but a few simple clicks.

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