Sunday, August 21, 2011

Griffin Technology provides HELO TC remote controlled helicopter

Griffin Technology knows that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, which is why they have decided, with the release of their HELO TC remote controlled helicopter set. What makes these remote controlled helicopters different than the others, we have seen in the past? For the beginning of all iOS device via the touch screen display is can be controlled this particular model of. In a few words said a remote control for the HELO TC - iOS actually is device so that it is even more essential your life not?

Let us look what can bring HELO-TC to the table only. For the beginning of a twin-rotored, indoor helicopters, has been constructed this which with a light metal frame with a black polycarbonate body. Equipped with a flight deck infrared module, you will join transferred this particular bit on an iOS device, make it to the helicopter control signals.

You will be able to choose from two different flight modes touch control, if there is a suspicion that most people would have a field day with it because it instructs the HELO technical throttle, and joystick on the multitouch display to control while leaving that the tendency to steer mode on the iOS device acceleration sensors on the navigating bridge job to do. If you tilt the iOS device, is moved forward, back, and from left to right, for example, the helicopter. The app is heck, even in the position, record and store up to three plans flight, so can you (or other "pilots") a repeat certain flight patterns in the blink of an eye.

The HELO-TC comes with a built-in battery that can that juiced up by just about any USB power source, and include USB port on your computer. As for the flight deck module need, a Quartet of AAA batteries, where it will be connected within the device iOS headphone jack. Fork from $49.99 for HELO-TC if you are interested in, where she should come in time for the holiday season, expect.

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