Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to remove Recycle Bin Icon On Desktop in Windows 7

How to remove Recycle Bin Icon On Desktop in Windows 7. The Recycle Bin is a place of temporary storage of files and folders that have us delete before. Sometimes because of accident in deleting it, we still need file/folder . With merestore -file/folder, we will get the files/folders are as readily kala.

To avoid unwanted things, we can hide Recycle Bin icon from the desktop as well as from Windows Explorer. Thus others can't easily be tinkering with the contents of Recycle Bin who who knows in the back of the day still we need.

To remove or hide the Recycle Bin icon, follow the steps along Tips and computer tricks here.

First, run the group policy editor (gpedit).

Second, after the open window of the Group Policy Editor, and then click User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Desktop.

Third, panel moves to the right, and then click "double onRemove Recycle Bin icon from desktop", so it will appear window "Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop", like the image below.

Fourth, on the options available, select the "enabled"

Fifth, then continue by clicking the OK buton and close gpedit.

Sixth, to see the effect, do log off first then log on again and make sure icon Recycle Bin was lost desktop from us.

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