Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HARD DISK PARTITION with PARTITION WIZARD HOME EDITION 3.2. There is still a user are partially "prefer" storing data or important files on a hard disk partition that is equal to the hard disk partition that is used for system operation. It is thus very risky if one moment occurred in the operating system or data files will be at risk of lost or damaged as well. Therefore, we should separate the data or important files on the hard drive partitions with different hard drive partitions that use the operating system.

Now, to perform hard disk partition, anyone can do that easily because of the many available tools or applications that we can use for such purposes, either paid or free.

One TOOL that we can try is PARTITION WIZARD HOME EDITION 5.2. This Tool can be obtained for free, we just need to download from the internet. If interested, please download it here.

TOOL can we use to handle complex partition operations, including: operation copy, create, resize (changing the volume partition), delete (remove the partition), merge format, (merging partitions), change the label of the drive, hide partitions, and others.

The TOOL has been developed by the RAID support and also the capacity of the hard drive with Tbsize.


License: free
File size: 7.86 MB
here or here.
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