Sunday, August 21, 2011

Personal towel warmer

You know, on some aircraft, you pass a nice, hot towel for you before the flight begins the flight attendants to update. Now, you may not jet-setters who spends more time on flights as back home, but that doesn't mean that you from experiencing similar treatment are excluded. This time, you need to take the DIY route, Hammacher brings you the $79.95 personal towel warmer.

Yes Sir, can this warming bin a few towels heating in just eight minutes, the you access to the spa-like comfort right smack in of your own home. It is soft the towels on a soothing dried F, heat, while ensuring that the temperature up to 20 minutes is maintained, so that you always a nice, warm towel available directly after your shower.

This personal towel warmer has very little space - such as the trash can small of a, and indeed, where it now that the lid is closed, work, and press the key. Towels are not the only, what will keep it warm, it is also robes, blankets, or other reasonably size warm clothing.

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