Friday, August 12, 2011

Forget space shuttles, Boeing and Lockheed Martin have their own space capsule plans

For those who are still in the last space shuttle missions, you know, that there is more than a way to get people into space.

What you see here is the Boeing crew space transportation vehicle, CST-100. It was introduced a year ago, and Boeing is planning to test the year 2015 on an Atlas V rocket.

It is actually three tests. The first is a simple test, followed by a test that deliberately fail to test, set the capsule abort system. The third mission be a manned mission to the international space station.

As mentioned in the title, Lockheed Martin working on a space capsule own. In fact, Boeing and Lockheed Martin working with an organization called the United Space Alliance, a contract that NASA has since they now work with a commercial crew development program.

I wonder whether we will not shoot always a way, these capsules from a gun, Slingshot or otherwise, relating to huge pipes of fuel will discover. You would like to purchase from Kagi, the capsule first mission involved be man, I heard that Boeing is looking for people, these capsules to occupy.

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