Saturday, August 20, 2011

Plug the Analog clock on your Desktop with applications Clocx

Plug the Analog clock on your Desktop with the Clocx Application. For those who use Windows 7, may already be familiar with one of the most notable features include a gadget-the gadget. One is the analog clock gadget. With this gadget, we can install or bring up analog clock on desktop. In addition accessories surely as also serves as an indicator of the time. These features could not be afforded to users of Windows XP.

However for Windows XP users should not feel "envy" because with the application CLOCX, we can also display analog clock on your desktop that is no less Interestingly with existing features in Windows 7. The application freeware such is (free application) we can earn (downloads) on the internet for free. Freeware applications such as large 941 Kb (default) the Full version (5.8 Mb).

To use it, of course, we must download it first. To download it, we can acquire it HERE.

After a successful download, please feel free to install it on our computer. If successful, we will be able to see the analog clock on the top left on the desktop computer. Nevertheless we can put the clock on the other hand as we are.

After we get a fitting place in on your desktop, then we can make those analog clock "locked" so that it can be moved from the venue. To perform the settings are done by right clicking on the clock and then select "Unmoved".

To make arrangements, right-click on the clock and then selectOptions"" so it would appearOptionswindow "", like the image below.

On the tab "general", we can make arrangements, among others: transparency, transparency, passing through the mouse, and others.

In order for the analog clock that appears every time we turn on the computer, select the checkboxes for the "Start with Windows" under the Startupoption.

Still in the window "Options" on aAppearancetab "," us background can change the hours with a variety of options we can choose our way. On this tab, we can also enlarge or decrease the size of these hours, i.e. on the option "Zoom". To enlarge the size of the slider , sliding to the right and instead to minimize the size of the clock, slider slider to the left. But to get the effect, do not forget to mencentangi "enabled" in the sliderdown.

For details, please dicoba-coba yourself.


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