Sunday, August 14, 2011

Improved motion-capture technology from Carnegie Mellon and Disney

Recently, I saw some shots such as Disney made their film Mars must moms. Seth Green showed in a skintight suit with points all over his face and small balls in some places on his body.

Too bad Mars needs moms was such a flop, but Disney is working with Carnegie Mellon, you create a new system of motion-capture. It works by cameras around the actors, which allows them to give virtual performance from anywhere.

Typically, the players should the background be in rooms with Greenscreens, later, so in can set. This new method takes about 24 cameras to create this effect, and it is a huge time saver. For example, you want to where a scene is someone doing some physical activity, this new mo-cap system can get all the data, and the Director tweak it later.

Unfortunately, this process is costly. Finally the Director has questions, whether it's easy to do, all this animation in the computer and stern with proper motion is capture. Or only film a live action movie with multiple takes of the same scene in action.

I think it's only a matter of time until someone with something like this can change in a cost-effective way and cinema as we know it. Totally honest, I'm kind of upset some who has motion capture today by Robert Zemeckis, and I would like to improve in this area can be found under.

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