Sunday, August 14, 2011

MyGoFlight announced iPad sports series

Do you plan from MyGoFlight? Neither have I, but the good thing is this - I have now, and soon you will too. MyGoFlight is a company that is focused on the iPad in motion for flyers, fact and they have used mounted series just the iPad sport Kneeboard and cockpit rolled out. This particular device will increase a line, because night vision includes already the iPad Kneeboard Pro, external GPS devices, iPad-flight bags and accessories including in flight AC adapter, low-reflection screen protection, pens, RAM mounts and other similar items.

According to Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight, "the iPad Kneeboard Pro was launched last year and was very successful." However, some pilots expressed the need for a case that could be used in aircraft, where space was close, or on a mount. The sport case is for those who for maximum utility in the least amount of space, quick up RAM mounts works with Apple's smart cover (IOS-2) and is very Apple cool for use as a common case of aircraft. "

Looks like pilots have something, that eh, they able to use, fully now, especially for the masters, who are responsible for transcontinental flights, and have seen during the flight to movies for the umpteenth time, that might only want it, to see what else their tablets instead provide. After all, what makes the iPad Kneeboard sport so special, this is - it was designed by pilots for pilots.

It works in aircraft, where it used a cyclic or control stick between his legs, or if there is very little room to move. the iPad Kneeboard pros will play in almost any and all aircraft in Nice, and fitting in a t is also ideal for helicopters and other sport aviation - in fact, when it close yoke clearance. It can also be used with a RAM mount that is secured directly to the aircraft.

Seems Guide (InFO 11011) fit perfectly with the FAA issued, in May this year, where it iPad that defines as an electronic flight bag (EFB) device and as a substitute for the carrying out of paper.

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