Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OutRun AR project

Some of you remember maybe a game play back in the 1980s known as out run. Ask the same game, but instead of an arcade, are on a moving vehicle?

This is the project out, run by Garnet Hertz. It uses an electric golf cart that allows players to navigate their way around real courses using arcade controls.

It uses some custom software, which can automatically find and then the route on the game cabin screen reproduce on a car. It does it even in 8-bit form! You can in a video after the jump check out.

So in General, we are looking for in one of these sit down the racing games go, only someone is actually racing! I think it is possible, race on a real track, but it would be better to be clear of pedestrians.

If you think that this was developed just for fun, you would be wrong. Apparently, the developers are finding that this tech, can be used for the game-based therapies for disabled users such as such as augmented-reality-based wheelchairs.

Is it possible that we could create this type of technology for other video games new? Could we, for example, a drive in a position to make designed for real mazes game PAC-man?

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