Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iPhone virtual reality Viewer

The iPhone is able to do a lot of things - not only across the screen itself, but you can also control remote controlled helicopter . This extreme versatility, it had never before seen in any phone before made it a highly desirable phone, so that you can expect to more or less of the frenzy that surrounded the iPhone, release. Now, for the moment, you could add when the retrieve already long list on the iPhone 4's - the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewera different job description.

Yes Sir, this unique device with the iPhone roll out immersive, three-dimensional viewing work experience. Not spend you need something more than the $49.95 price because you will use freely downloadable applications that uses the iPhone accelerometer, so 3D environments inside to move when the iPhone is moved.

Enter the iPhone virtual reality viewer such as some binoculars, where are a few holes at the bottom so that you can access the Smartphone touchscreen display. 3D movie trailers are not the only way, talk with this - also a smattering of the interactive games you can play it. It will be nice with iPhone 4 3 iPhone 3 g/3GS and 2nd/3rd generation iPod touch, iPod touch (fourth generation) play.

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