Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MABEL, current robot

What you will see, here is MABEL Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science, a special project at the University of Michigan, and it's the "fastest two-legged robot with knee".

How fast can it go? The maximum speed is miles per hour, in a flat, circular track. The speed is pretty good, and it is due to a "human-like weight distribution".

Watch a video of it after the jump, and I can tell you that no special effects in the film were used. I would have not taken, if she had used a greenscreen, to make the bar invisible.

Man, I'd love to get my LEGO set and try and replicate these bipedal robots. The reason working University of Michigan as follows on a robot is, because they help a few robot legs want to develop people with disabilities go again. You want to create a robot that can handle all the terrain, such as the walking robot in Star Wars.

This looks definitely like a scene from a science fiction film. I can not help but to think of the ED-209 robot from RoboCop , if I see this. I believe that ED-209 was much slower. I assume that the advanced MABEL can get better than that of the ED-209 stairs.

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