Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Second flight of the DARPA HTV-2 will not and also his first

DARPA always comes with some experimental interesting, and the latest is Falcon Hypersonic Technology 2 (HTV-2).

It was a field test was given only today, and it aboard a Minotaur IV Lite rock of Vandenberg Air Force base in California. It was expected to glide across the Pacific Ocean and deliberately splash down Kwajalein Atoll, close to 4,000 miles away at a speed of 13,000 miles per hour.

Unfortunately is it not like things went as planned. DARPA reported tweet, that "not tracking or telemetry again downrange assets." "# HTV2 has an autonomous flight termination function". What you see in the picture is an artistic representation.

It is a pity, because 13,000 mph is more than impressive. At this speed you can go from New York to Los Angeles in about 12 minutes. This is actually the second test for this vehicle, and the impressive result of Mach 17-22 for 139 seconds produces the first flight in April 2010. During the test, even a GPS signal and bi-directional communication hold the common craft.

Hopefully, they are conducted more tests, to determine whether communication signals can be carried out at high speeds. However if this fast flying these aircraft, the aircraft will arrive perhaps faster than it takes the message transfer.

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