Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zike, world's first hybrid Scooter

If you are too old for a Trike and love, a bike to riding, you might want to a Zike. I notice that intro sounds like Dr. Seuss would write something, but the Zike is a real product and is the world roller's first hybrid.

I assume by "hybrid roller", it means that it is the first product that successfully combine a scooter, bicycle, and stair-stepper together. Inventor Nathan Scolari was "forced to combat the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States", and this is what he researched and created.

Zike will introduce four models on the market. The hotshot is, that an entry level model for children aged 5-8. The flyby is the next step for children between 8-12, and it has two chains for faster speeds and increased flexibility. The Slingshot is for children 10 and older, and it has the speed of BMX bike. The Saber (in the picture) is a 7-speed roller for everyone at the age of 12 years and older.

The Zike has been received much media attention, after he on extra with Mario Lopez. Not only have Slater from Saved By The Bell like it, but national experts of doctor gadget he drove on The View. He said the co-hosts that "obesity in children would have a chance not every child in America would have a Zike". It looks like the creator of Zike dreams came true. Read more about the Zike here.

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