Thursday, August 18, 2011

Edit Audio Files With WavePad Sound Editor

Edit Audio Files With WavePad Sound Editor. A when I want my hand phone ringtone in the form of my favorite songs, the songs mix the cider (Java). The problem is that favourite songs mostly in the form of a video file. Well, so that songs can I make it as a ringtone, I have to download theconvert-into the audio file mp3in particular. For that, I must have applications for the purpose.

Then I googling tried to do on the internet and of the many free apps exist, I chose WavePad Sound Editor. With this application, I can convert the video files of my favorite songs to audio files that I can use as ringtones on my hand phone.

Freeware advantage of this is:

  • · Can change all kinds of audio files and video files, such as *.mpeg, *. mpg, *. *. avi, dat, wmv, *. *. * asf, and others.

  • · Can save to different audio formats, such as *., *. mp3, aac *. amr, *.wav, *. *. * raw, rss, aiff, aif, *. *. *. au, flac, mpc, *. *. ape, and others.

  • · Had Burning features integrated into the CD.

  • · The existence of the feature to add effect to variety in the audio, such as echo, fade in, fade out, amplify, speed change, equalizer, etc.

  • · Is also a feature to cut (cut) specific parts of a song that we edit.

  • · Is able to insert the sound of silence (silence) on the songs that we edit.

  • · We insert another song files into songs that we edit.

  • · We can also record our voice then we insert into the songs that we edit.

  • · And various other features that we can try for yourself.

If interested, please feel free to download HERE.

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