Friday, August 12, 2011

Choken Bako dog Bank robot

Pooch is on dry kibble or the good, sloppy stuff from a can, but what happens when you create a robotic dog? Sure, Sony AIBO was a rich man toys back in his time, and since then is it now "extinct", as it would be far cheaper with something and would also help you to achieve your financial goals? We are looking for in the $53 Choken Bako dog Bank robot. The name is pretty self explanatory - this is a coin of food money.

Is the coin that you want to save on the feeding bowl, and the dog automatically, what is white because (guess his nose is sensitive to the smell of pennies, Nickels, dimes and quarters), where it can go ahead and gobble it down in a certain hungry. Good thing you clean up after his mess, not need because it "" into the coin box emptying is right below. Pretty cute, but I wonder, how long it will take old, before running his antics. To verify that you have a few AA batteries operation.

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