Sunday, August 14, 2011

Team is to see something in the dark iLuminate

My wife has a thing for watching America's got talent, but I give it not really much thought. Night, I passed last the TV set and discovered a Bill worth writing about.

I've included a video here, so you can see and be amazed, but it is not that they showed last night. You may, on Hulu, which retrieve. Team iLuminate uses a combination of dance with a patent pending portable wireless lighting system. As you can see the illuminated parts go to just right to make time to an interesting optical effect.

I Luminate wearing these costumes which are black with Xes and see it as the X-men. Their leader was dancer, who have lost their ability to dance due to cancer, but it is behind the scenes and behind the tech team isn't iLuminate bit of inspiration.

Needless to say, the law was quite fantastic, and got a standing ovation. I wouldn't be surprised, if it won. Heck, but I would money in Vegas see numbers. Forget about Cirque du Soleil. Where are these guys in Las Vegas, I'm at CES in January 2012, I will in any case.

I am sure we will see more examples of these Luminography (a combination of choreography and lighting design) in the future. It was already used in a death cab for Cutie music video and artist Chris Brown.

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