Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pajaggle game took me to a PA junkie

Conventions like Pax Prime in Seattle are opportunities to win the a lot of games, both on board and electronics. One of the best games I saw was this one, Pajaggle.

Pajaggle is a game with a plastic Board, for parts, that fit exactly in the place. This is it. The goal of the game is simply the shape to the right place in the shortest time, about. By the way, the player is to the great piece in the middle of the Board in the last, and say "Pajaggle".

As someone who loves, when things in order, is there something about this game is very soothing. There are other ways to play this game like a game of triads, in which the Pajaggle be placed pieces in groups of three.

I have to say, that the game is rather difficult, as these pieces are laser-cut in a place fits, and some other pieces fit. It looks easy at first, but this game of forms is difficult, because some of the pieces do not fit as easy as it should on the first try.

All in all is Pajaggle fun for all ages. It is for about $29.99 from the Pajaggle online storeavailable.

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