Saturday, August 20, 2011

MSI X 460 and X460DX notebooks announced

MSI has a couple of notebooks for the masses - and we're looking at the models X 460 and X460DX, where they are both 14? mobile powerhouses, the Pro target, which are always on the go. As part of the X series of ultra-slim notebooks, you can be sure that both units on the latest Intel processors, not running on the processing of PS, not to mention of coming up with with a choice between an integrated Intel GMA HD or nVidia GeForce GT540M graphics card are Microsoft Windows 7 as the operating system of choice right out of the box short.

Because they say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, MSI don't want all the sockets (and Jill's, I suppose) is boring, drone-loving cabin at the end. No. Sir, your ears will be addressed also the inclusion of the THX TruStudio PRO, so that movies and music, you see and hear is a more realistic and thumping sound will be.

An other interesting in addition to these notebooks would be the inclusion of the Intel wireless display (WiDi) 2.0, where the X is a 460 model will hook your notebook to a TV unit of standard Wi-Fi connection leave - leave to live the wireless lifestyle with ease. There are three different configurations to choose from, to help to keep future-proof to a certain extent, but common hardware specifications include a few high-speed-USB 3.0 ports HDMI connection so that seeing full HD movies on a big TV when connected screen and a 1.3 megapixel webcam that should some decent video calls to keep, without a blow.

As usual, a pop your purchases - with prices starting at $799.99 accompany a 1 year standard warranty, it looks like a very attractive offer as a step, get it from the basic mobile workstation models, you from other manufacturers.

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