Monday, August 8, 2011

Eco-pod offers fantastic protection for your iPod

Are you one of those who absolutely love nature? Now, if this is the case and your weekends on the River to do some fly fishing rather than output be rocking your body to the latest dance tunes, then Eco Pod could be just right for you. Why we say so? Latest version, a 100% water, sand and shock-proof case is well, for starters, Grace Digital. Now is definitely a CV which does not pay with a?

Be not fooled by the title - it will not only save you your iPod, but it will in fact provide protection for your range of portable media players, no matter if on iOS, Android or a different custom operating system version is running. 100% Waterproof earbuds, possibly after a good pair of goggles - but of course swim with the eco-pod your next best accessories.

Just how much thinking cost you something like this? Grace Digital is looking for a $49.99 sticker price tag, to know that full well that it it is so much cost, purchase a new device, when the short calls short-circuited when it drowns. Because water is not the only nemesis for your new toy - dirt, dirt and all the rest of the outer elements play a part send your smartphone into a shaky, and hate it we if you actually lost your list of contacts as well as the rest of your data, right?

Coming in a water and shock proof polycarbonate shell eco-pod will also impact resistant and because it has a universal headphone socket, it should work with virtually all forms of the headphones or ear buds on the market can be your current set still enjoy, when ever there is no need to seal.

If you hear something no desire, yet the eco-pod you can about the hiding of your credit card, driver's license, some cash, and even a set of keys dead. The inclusion of a 2 "carabiner clips is a stroke of genius, as it can hook it to a backpack or other equipment, whenever you need an extra hand."

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