Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Musical keyboard-tie

You are already a Livewire on your own and other peoples parties? Well, you can even more things with the musical keyboard tie, do you not think spruce? The name of this particular techie piece accessories says everything - and it would make the perfect gift for the musically inclined. This unique tie will touch the function keys that can play 8 different notes. It includes booting the neck with a rather convenient cord, and just in case, that you not "Office surprise" from going to sleep with him as a pillow, setting off a Cacaphony notes by coincidence, it is always the on/off switch, you can edit.

The Musical keyboard tie going to cost $13.98, but no promises that you not his laughter (instead of life) of the Party of this coming Halloween. You are something game this wear to the Office wacky?

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