Saturday, August 6, 2011

Choose your own Mobile development framework: Phonegap vs titanium

There are so many debates and discussions on who the best cross-platform mobile framework development there. And there are 2 mobile framework that most adopted by the sponsor now, is Phonegap, titanium. They can help you develop a cross-platform mobile application, including the 2 most popular operating system iOs and Android.

The two framework is a mobile framework that make you able to develop your mobile application using web development like HTML, JS and CSS skills. But the big difference between the two is the compilation of titanium your code native code that runs on mobile, but Phonegap devices take different ways, it was built in the browser to make your code and show it as a web page in full screen on your mobile devices. Your application using Phonegap contact device using the Javascript API.

The description below that some of you think that Titanium has approach better because it originates. Native could always give better performance, but I do not know to this statement. But for me, as in the web development environment that performance not always a major factor to choose a framework. The comfortability of development is my main factor to choose a framework. This is why I choose Phonegap rather titanium.

Phonegap development does not change how so you write a web. You can still use CSS, JS and HTML to write your mobile web that run as a mobile app. But the titanium must use their own style, which primarily uses Javascript to build the app. It is difficult to style your application using CSS with titanium because to create the user interface, you declare the element to UI in Javascript and titanium will convert it as input box user interface element, dropdown, etc. Basically he has need of you to learn a new approach, but your web development skills.

But if you use Phonegap to your framework mobile app, you must carefully choose your Javascript framework. There are some discussions I was told that JQTouch is too slow to Phonegap. XUIJS is a Javascript Framework designed for mobile app will be better using Phonegap. Use CSS 3 animation is better than the use of Javascript effect because it is hardware acceleration to use on some mobile as iOS OS and Android.

So choose your own framework of mobile development, or go to native development, if you want to focus on a mobile operating system. But my suggestion is always choose a framework that make you comfort in development, not because it is the performance, the elements or all brain washing statement there.

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