Saturday, August 6, 2011

Studies on the Netherlands, the ticket to a world community

Study abroad? Who the hell is that mau ga. Only people are desperate and have no desire to go forward if it can offer study abroad but not taken. Conferences abroad not only continuing training and the title can then tow ga pake collars "S". If in Indonesia almost all beginning of degree of undergraduate by the letter S, such as St, h.e. and S, etc., on foreign degrees aka Bachelor pake prefix b. SW of also already visible title, which are foreign graduates in the country.

But it is not a title also my objectives continue to dream of College abroad, but experience of life which cannot be purchased anywhere. Experience interacting with patterns, races and different cultures. The thrill of live what is already a bit, I feel since I was HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS in the wandering of Malang and continued to give lectures in Bandung. Experiences that forge, I became a people can independently and can be strong against the rigours of the hurricane to human life.

Netherlands, country of destination as a port of my ideals. Why? Because of the diversity of culture, race and nation in the Netherlands is very interesting for me. Netherlands are met by the settlers from other countries to study and work. Almost the same as the city of Jakarta. Because of the diversity which is also the Netherlands uses the language of the United Kingdom as the language of introduction in their studies. Passion and desire which is also triggered by a large number of friends in the Netherlands continue their college. Hear and see photos of their it makes me more passion to continue his lectures to the Netherlands.

But the dream is that I can not make in the present. A complex procedure for the manufacture of bursaries for freelancers like me makes me have harbored these objectives. Terms of 2 years, work experience in companies cannot fill me because when there is work if we have a portfolio. The sophistication of the technology in Europe seems to keep me feed ideals anesthetized. The desire to start data center web application made me prevent me from trying to make that dream became a reality. The history of the friends and television that build server in your own home abroad me have the same desire. But it is difficult to achieve in Indonesia that have the super fool to slow connections to an internet connection at home. Compare the speed of 256 Kbps connection count mega bytes per second, of course is much missed.

During this time in my dreams, I love to fantasize to continue the College to the Netherlands. To place in the United Kingdom, expand the directory languages language after language Torajas, Javanese, Sundanese and United Kingdom with the language of the Netherlands. Interact with a variety of nationalities and languages. Around Europe with ease as the Netherlands are at the heart of Europe. Meet old friends and find new friends. And the highest is a member as Matt, creator of WordPress. With the support of technological sophistication, cultural diversity and the quality of a good education will certainly made me more creative, more competent and more strong in the realization of these dreams.

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