Sunday, August 7, 2011

Google TV in your living room

The last Google platform is created to Android, Google, and existing Flash directly in your TV. In other words, google TV brings the internet in your TV. At the heart of every Google TV device is Intel CE4100 media processor and runs on Android. However, Android is presented in a different format than the Smartphone version. But it will follow the same model to some extent with some added specific TV Google applications.

Google TV runs 10.11 beta Flash and combined with Chrome, this is a most welcome feature. With a processor Intel and Android, which is controlled with a mouse and a keyboard, we can say that Google TV is a PC disguised as a TV. Logitech and Sony devices allow users to connect to the internet as well as the area of satellite or cable. Google TV is created to be much more experience of regular television and you will offer the chance to find out more.

Now available for Google TV applications are somewhat limited. Aside from Netflix, Pandora and Picassa with a handful of others, it is quite a disappointment for those who are looking for Google TV-enabled applications. On the other hand, most of the other applications is nothing more than links to websites offering streaming video. By clicking on an app will allow the browser and then you made a Web site. In other words, there is not much difference than a regular PC. It should be noted that ABC, CBS, NBC not offer access in their programming via Google TV browser. Hulu is also inaccessible until Google manages develop an application for the service of streaming on the Google TV platform.

The user interface is somewhat disappointing because it is not with the same level of relaxation and comfort most people associated with the television. Instead of pressing a few buttons on a distance, there will be lots of typing involved to be finally users working memories. In contrast, menu characteristic of the search bar is a welcome feature that makes changing channels much easier and smoother. However, the video search a lot of room for improvement.

However, google TV is not all the disappointments. For example, DualView is one of the most desirable features offered by Google TV. It allows to reduce the TV image and the positions that he superimposed at the bottom right of the interface, which allows you to browse the web or use an application until the end of the advertising break. It is useful and essential feature and Google TV provides access to the press of a button. However, the downside is the speed. It takes a little while to take measures and the other area that needs maintenance is the fact that the reduced TV window cannot be moved.

Overall, Google TV is in fact an original idea, but it must certainly some improvements before becoming a standard of living room.

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