Sunday, August 7, 2011

HTC Flyer shows off the coast of its colours.

First shelf of the HTC has managed to create ripples in the gadget lovers community ' as a promising Blackberry manual competitor. HTC is well known for turning innovative gadgets and Flyer HTC certainly made the list as an impressive device.

The Flyer is built into the design, such as the manufacturer. A first blow of eye shows the device as a sleek, slim onethat seems to be built to ensure portability. In only 122 mm wide, the Android powered Tablet has the capacity to hold with one hand and put it in a pocket.

As for equipment, the htc Flyer is equipped with a single processor. In General, the use is very smooth and fast when it comes to loading web pages, the absence of a processor dual core shines through. The wide range of the games of the Tablet is also inaccessible due to the processor factor. However, the screen is a delight of 7 inches. The size is perfect for portability and for fast typing. Video HD can be viewed in smooth, natural colours in bright light and angles offshore little harm to the global scope.

The prospectus of HTC displays impressive functionality with its compatibility to be used with a pen. This feature makes tracing the notes or screenshots of the making of a breeze. As for applications, the pen is compatible with some of them include the "Notes". However, the pen is not created to work as a pen. Apart from the two buttons of the pen allows you to highlight and delete the text, it is more usable in compatible programs such as PDF Viewer, reader, and Office of Polaris.

The life of the pulp is moderate. With maximum brightness of the screen and Wi-fi, the battery is able to keep to approximately 5 hours. However, with the General using such as navigation, downloads and the reading of a film, this time here could be greatly reduced. The loading port is located at the base and the charges on the USB key.

As for cameras, the rear camera is somewhat disappointing in megapixels. Close up shots are much more clear and defined, wide shots have enough room for improvement. In contrast, autofocus, which operates using the screen, is an impressive feature. Moreover the quality of the image can be changed using various features editable, such as distortion, ISO, White Balance and exposure. The rear camera has the ability to shoot 720 p at 30 frames per second movies. With the quality to VGA, action improves much.

The HTC Flyer, with its 1.5 GHz processor, size portable and simple navigation is seen by many as a proper tablet. Compatibility with the pen and the size of the screen to right just also adds to the list of the nice features for the device. However, it is at a price of £ 599 for 32 GB 3 G version and £ 479 for version 16 GB Wi - Fi. It is a price for the device which, despite the efforts, does not meet the high expectations attached with similar devices in the same price range.

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