Friday, August 5, 2011

LEGO Minifig USB flash drive

Love all LEGO? I'm pretty sure that you already the wonders of LEGO and how it does Tickle his job knowledge in your imagination. Well,'s LEGO back with a spanking new device for geeks - the aptly named LEGO Minifig USB flash drive. She would certainly place this Minifig in a potentially embarrassing situation like in order to access data, you must have the pull-down his pants. Yes Sir, I wonder, how many of us go around naked before awakening and realize it was not real have dreamed. Phew!

This LEGO Minifig will hold 2 GB data within, and it plays nice with Mac and PC platforms. Accompanied by a keychain system, you can more or less to carry space with you - for all 2 GB, which cost you comfort $24.99 but. I'm just waiting for someone at Hackaday these puppies take apart and involves a higher capacity chip-if only LEGO with different capacities would be models.

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