Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Mythril jacket consists of Kevlar, not vice versa

Some of you may be familiar with Kevlar, to make the material of the bullet-proof vests. This Mythril jacket is made of it.

I'm sure, some of you with Mithril, that fictional armour from the Lord of the rings could be familiar that apparently can protect a Hobbit, even if he gets skewered by a spear from a cave troll. These Kevlar Mythril jacket is not made, be hard, because it is soft shell.

So, these Mithril may not be in able to withstand an attack by a gun or a knife, but it can withstand wind, water and ribs. So guess I we are looking for some material that can last a lifetime.

It also looks like its robust construction can withstand much cold, and the material about adds 50% more weight on the jacket. I suppose that if you are a nature boy, this the most extreme situations withstand.

This costs about $518, but if you think of it as an investment in a life long clothing, this is only about $5 per year if you one hundred his life. I'm not sure where can you do this, and I wonder if it comes, comes in different sizes. I can't imagine, this is a product at a clothing store and you can only try it on.

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