Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Silverlit I / helicopter R spy camera

Are you a good pilot? If you your skills as a want to improve, then you must definitely get a license, but prior to that visit lessons and will dominate it. Of course, there are others among us who simply fly without license helicopters because we remotely controlled helicopters, I use with "are" the /r (infrared) a controller some radiates far away.

What's so special about the £ 69.99 Silverlit I / R spy camera helicopter, you questions? Now, an Eagle this chopper you can view the process as, have thanks to a 1, 3-megapixel camera, which is integrated into the lightweight body. All you have to do is the chopper start and see immediately at the moment you press the corresponding button on the remote control the camera to work. The Silverlit is I / R-spy camera helicopter with a number of internal gyroscopes sure it remains incredibly stable in the air, so that your amateur attempts at least decent get a cardboard arrazzi.

With 128 MB of internal memory, it should include enough space on the film of your choice, have, even if we want, that it came with a memory card slot for the purpose of expanding. Seems like a nice way on your Neighbors… Spy

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