Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turtle beach rock players with limited edition call of duty: modern warfare 3 co-branded gaming headsets

Are you an avid FPS gamer? For those, the purists, not everything that is on a PC as the keyboard will not touch and mouse combo box appears which play so far with best, but it is console taken off in a big way, where the FPS genre has made quite a splash. This paves the way for peripherals in this niche market spent are, and Turtle Beach wants their latest efforts, be there, to the situation what use to the limited edition of call of duty: modern warfare 3 co-branded gaming headsets, the action on the PC but not only, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is displayed.

This is a result of its partnership with Activision, where the new area of exclusively licensed, limited edition of call of duty: modern warfare 3-ear force headsets have been optimized to deliver improved experience. Course can you play always others with this pair of headphones, but keep always in mind just what game it was with released together, and you could only help the baseline for Activision this quarter boost.

These new premium headphones are also special in its own right thanks to unique sets of audio presets that Ward, of the audio team on developer infinity and sledge hammer are specially configured games so that you can enjoy the best audio quality possible in the cinematic world of modern warfare 3. Each purchase is friendly bonus content, as well as Pocket price tags function make it extremely inclusive. In the following some of the models available are the prices at the end for your further study before the better half gives their consent.

Ear force DELTA (FDF) - call of duty: modern warfare 3-optimized programmable wireless 7.1 Dolby Surround sound headset with Bluetooth chat. The top-of-the-line EVS headset comes packed in a specifically subjects carrying case and has unique custom modern warfare 3 specifications and announcements. Ear Force Delta is the ultimate Xbox 360 and PS3 weapon for the most modern warfare 3 players. NON-BINDING STORE: $299.95.

Ear force BRAVO (EFB) -call of duty: modern warfare 3 optimized programmable radio Universal Gaming Headset. With the same user-defined modern warfare 3 presets as EVS, the EFB offers the same optimized experience in universal headset players, which is the perfect companion for the call of duty ® on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. MSRP $149,95.

Ear force CHARLIE (EFC) -call of duty: modern warfare 3 optimizes multi-speaker surround sound PC gaming headset. Reinforced with eight speakers wired acoustic angled surround sound, this tournament class, modern warfare 3 provide discrete optimized, that is the perfect choice for competitive gamers PC headset. MSRP $129.95.

Ear force FOXTROT (EFF) - call of duty: modern warfare 3 optimized Universal Gaming Headset. For modern warfare 3 players that easily provides cross-platform performance the EFF players with enhanced high fidelity audio along with several key features it apart to put. MSRP $99.95.

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