Thursday, August 4, 2011

MicroVision PicoP head-up display technology comes in test vehicles

Technology in vehicles are certainly far from his early days now come up, and we have even a kind of heads up display in BMW's operation for some time already to keep the driver on their eyes on the road of all the time, to help at any time without a blow during the access to important information. May be now, known with its PicoP head-up-display technology, MicroVision only in on the next big thing as PicoHUD, are already implemented in test vehicles.

Specifically this step, if it gains traction, can only with the commercialization of its PicoHUD technology within a mass production car model - end perhaps introduction three years? Microvision's contract see, automobile manufacturers and suppliers tier 1 Advanced HUD prototypes working together with MicroVision roll-out, the next generation are PicoP display engine function, based on direct Green laser.

These prototypes are specifically designed for installation in early experimental vehicles, targeting certain upcoming models (we want young we could to keep these documents!) are already marked with the automaker production roadmap. Opens up just what does technology Microvision's PicoHUD? For starters, such as information such as vehicle surveillance, controls navigation and radio sound for you? All relevant information is projected directly on the windshield of a vehicle.

Microvision's PicoP ultra miniature laser display technology would be the most important "engine" of the PicoHUD, which is a higher degree of design flexibility and programmability to deliver when you can compare it against other technologies. The PicoHUD technology leads to head-up display with industry-leading brightness, where it integrates into almost any style of vehicle can be hampered without space constraints.

Only the vehicle manufacturers believe you will be, which will provide the PicoHUD technology?

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