Wednesday, August 3, 2011

V-MODA true blood review metal high fidelity in-ear headphones

Would the true blood, REVAMP V-MODA latest excursion into the world of headphones metal high-fidelity in-ear headphones, and pack it with which technology? Now, we look at it on the right after the jump, but prior to that, we go with another jokes about the headphones. With a silver ball styling, "supernatural" sound and "immortal" shelf-life, you can (hard earned) US dollar bets that this model is not going to "just an another pair headphones" are your base.

V-MODA lives up to their true music lifestyle brand with the true blood, REVAMP, where developed it in partnership with HBO, a pulse beat synthesis of sound, style and comfort that deliver on the mobile generation, the tend far more active at night than during the day. Sounds like it is meant for the party animals at the College, no?

To explain further, the V-MODA true blood a REVAMP of the aircraft grade aluminium silver bullet will include microphone as a necklace pendant to doubles. It is the subtle Japanese symbols for the Tru blood drink carefully emblazoned on the show, can be people on the headphones, so you are sure in your environment seen will know just where your loyalties lie in Emmy award-winning shows boast.

It the expertly tuned 9 mm V-MASQUE is driver within strict consistency standards been verified allow vibrant bass, vivid middle and spirited to deliver heights. Not only that, which is also a 3D soundstage, BEATPORT can feel, as if you were in a live concert can provide it.

Conversion of re-mastered BLISS 2.0 (bass level isolating soft silicone) fittings isolate noise works great, how they create the widest range of people just more sound, stability and comfort of marked, so if you consider an Elf of Lothlorien has unusually large ears, where to find conversion to a perfect fit. Each purchase comes with a two year V-MODA premier warranty, if you are willing to shell out $120 for these puppies.

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